Have you ever wondered why your husband, boyfriend or someone you know been hooked into playing mobile legends? I read so many feedbacks in a mommy group I followed and always read a comment reiterating frustrations.

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I somehow be in their shoe when I was pregnant, I felt like that RPG game is getting his attention. Until now mobile legends is one of the main reason of broken marriage. Sounds unreasonable but it really is.

I tried to analyse and hear sides of my network to further understand the feeling of happiness in playing and I was amazed for what I discovered.

CHEATING AIN’T FUN, For mediocre players, video games are really hard. But trying to understand the keys and the use of mana’s makes gameplay so much easier — and a lot more fun, too. But the enjoyment doesn’t last.

While enjoying the game I realize that playing while cheating in a game is a meaningless victory. I tried to search for a bug or cheat for me to have skins or new heroes but I failed.

One thing I learned from playing that even it’s just a game we get the satisfaction of escaping in life’s reality for a moment. It’s like a way of fleeing on striving to provide for your family needs.

Let him play and understand on his own the word obligation. In reality, time management will give you the freedom of everything. You just have to believe onto your partner that the ample time you give to support his passion will lead you to a more happy marriage.

ACCEPTANCE IS THE KEY, why bother in getting angry if you can play with them. Most of my friends told me that playing with their wives made them more in-love. Playing together is like sharing life burden

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  1. I used to play Mobile Legends because I enjoy becoming the MVP of the game. I’m a Nana user mostly. My latest character was Cecilion. But since I’m only dependent on my Mobile LTE, my game becomes too lagged. And I become more irritated than enjoying the games, I’ve deleted the app and never had the urge to play again so far. Though I’ve heard that there is a new exciting hero now.

  2. I used to play mobile legends….. but i don’t like this game….. this game is so boring.

  3. I’ve never heard of this game but gaming has never been an issue for me. My husband plays occasionally with our sons (or we even play Mario Cart). If it were taking up a large portion of his time I would maybe question it but it doesn’t, it is just a hobby.

  4. Looks like a very engaging game to me, I am seeing this for this first time. I will try it first and see because your description looks like something I would like so much.

  5. I sometimes get frustrated when my husband gets lost in games world😊 but as you said acceptance is the key..and finding things we enjoy doing together!

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