Hi mga kikays, did you know that successful investment and financial literacy begins at home?

I started my first investment at the age of 20 to a stockbrokerage thing and save enough money to raise a little boy at 25. I just have three things in life, SET GOAL, EDUCATE MORE and INVEST.

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That’s exactly my key to success routine and enhancing it everyday to a continuous learning. Setting goal should be the first thing you consider in taking the risk on investing. There are lot of investments, it could be time sharing, buy and sell, lending and selling trade goods.

Setting goal is considering the time framework of your success. You may use the SMART Method ( Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time Based )

I have been mentored by my mom on how to grow my salary on investment. I somehow tagged as “kuripot” when I prefer to spend my money in some valuable things rather than going to club.

Minumim wage earnings will make you eager to grow your bank account numbers and investing is my answer on that. Goal setting moves your abstract thought into reality and to do that you must write it down.

Write down specific goal and discuss it in detailed in a piece of paper or notepad. Describe what do you want to achieve? What does your life look like when you reach that goal? What are you doing during the day? those are some questions and you can think more out of the box in relation to moving your goals. Just be more specific and meaningful.

While setting your goal you can always seeks advices from a mentor or by just reading books. Enhancing your marketing skill will make it more realistic to achieve your target. Having someone will increase your motivation and boost confidence.

On the process you evaluate your progress, you realize that you’re getting further away from your goals rather than closer to them, you can simply re-adjust your approach. This gives you a moment to correct things. You might not notice this if you fail to evaluate your progress on a daily basis.

Successful investment will always be in our hands and in order to do that we need to be precise about reaching it and all we need is a clear plan.

Our goals are like an airplane’s journey. We’re trying to reach our final destination, and in order to do that, we need to be well-defined about that destination and when to reach it. Then, all we need to do is strategy, take action and to revise our approach along the way in order to get to where we’re going in the long term. Sound simple but obviously far harder to implement.

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  1. How I wish that I had my parents to guide me about Financial Management at an early age. I was once a YOLO type of person. I’ve just started managing my finances now at this age. And I’m getting the hang of it. Also into long-term investment on stocks. And yes, a mentor is a definite need.

  2. I’ve been wanting to invest my earnings. I like to watch the growth in my bank account and it feels funny to part with it and put it into investments but I know it will grow even more! Thanks for the advice!

  3. I definitely need to do more in terms of investing and learning how to do it! Great points, very informative actually. Thanks a lot.

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